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The classic Sexy French Maid costume is a very short dress trimmed in white lace. Customarily, it includes a miniature white apron fastened to the outfit, and white lace fringes. The skirt of the dress is generally pleated. If panties are worn with it, they are usually white and ruffled, and the dress is best when short enough to expose them.

Standard accompaniments involve a ribbon or a Tiara, a feather duster, and occasionally white cuffs and collar. Should the dress have sleeves they are usually shoulder puffs. A corset or a layered petticoat may be worn beneath the skirt. The outfit is realized with fishnet stockings and provocative high heels.

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Decadence in a French maid costume. Haute couture in the highest fashion.

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Sexy French Maid Costumes

Browse through a naughty selection of sexy French maid costumes and lingerie. These maid uniforms and outfits are quite avante garde and deserve lavish attention from your gentleman.

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French Maid costumes vary from the commonly modest dresses reaching just above the knees to see through gowns or naughty lingerie that bares almost everything. The costumes can be worn to parties and sometimes in sexual roleplay (whether on short innocent occasions or as a regular act of servitude to you're lover). French Maid costumes are as widely popular as schoolgirl uniforms and are a must in very womans wardrobe.

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