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W want to learn to dress gothic? Start with some of these suggestions:
* wear black (White and dark colors like deep blue and dark red are less stereotypical.)
* silver jewelry
* dyed hair (Black, bleached blonde, red, or purple)
* black and white makeup
* fetish fashion: leather, latex, rubber, vinyl and corsets
* crushed velvet
* chokers, spiked dog leash, ribbon around the neck
* pentacle or crosses
* wearing lingerie that shows (garters, teddy, bustier)
* cloaks or capes
* fishnet stockings or shirts
* spikes or studs
* buckle boots, high heels or thick soled boots
* Vampire clothing Learning to dress gothic is a good start. Goth is really aobut the attitude and less about the gothic clothing. Good luck. has joined forces with to give you even more selection on Sexy Halloween Costumes. The following products will take you off our site to BuyCostumes.

A little too dark for you? Vampire style sexy horror not sweet seduction you were looking for? Well, don't fret. Brose around the sexy French maid costumes and sexy Schoolgirl uniforms. Explore your wench characteristics in the provocative pirate costumes "it's the boooty lass." Perhaps some innocient fun in fantasy lingerie? You'll find the best selection here. The Christmas spirit is all aobut gift giving in sexy santas dress, or the patterns found in the adult Halloween costumes sections are only dark to a goth wannabe

"Our thoughts"
Goth culture is often percieved as the dark side of the sexual personna, the side of the nefarious. Gothic dress and fashion are partly about styles that evoke romantic eras as well as despair. It can flow and drape and/or restrict and emphasize. It quite often will sexualize body parts with items such as corsets. Goth clothing articulates the individuality as well as the belonging. It combines elements of the rugged with those of the delicate and sensual to convey the awareness and conscious choice to elicit a response from society at large. This form of dark eroticized fashion embodies teh view of the "Goth".

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