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"Arrr," and "Avast, ye maties" are some of the pirate banter you'll be embellishing in these sexy pirate costumes. For an authentic look and feel, try incorporating some of these:
* Motley, bright colours
* Eye patch
* Wooden peg leg
* Hook hand
* Golden hoop earring
* Bandana
* A parrot on your shoulder, squawking "Pieces of eight!"
* A mischievous ship's monkey
* Tri-cornered hat
* Cutlass
Eyepatch wearing also becomes convenient for seeing in low light conditions. Have him try one on to help see below deck. "Ay, ye know what we mean!"

Female Caribbean Pirates Costumes No.leg53025

5 pce Adult Sexy Pirates Costumes

Smugglers Cove Costume for Pirates of the Caribbean Seas includes an underwired bra top, a gathered skirt with belt, a jacket shrug and a striped head scarf.. Makes pillaging and plundering easy.

Costume is shown with a petticoat which is not included.

$ 87 00


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Sexy Adult Pirate Costumes No.LA83059

4 pce
your price: $50.00

Pirate Wench Costume <br>No.leg83318

3 pce
your price: $43.00

Sexy Pirate Halloween Costume <br>No.leg83366

3 pce
your price: $65.00

Fantasy Fest Costume <br>No.leg83415

3 pce
your price: $76.00

Sexy Queen's Guard Halloween Costume <br>No.leg83174

2 pce
your price: $43.00

Male Pirate Costumes No.LA83088

3 pce
your price: $110.00

Fantasy Fest Costume <br>No.leg83266

7 pce
your price: $76.00

Pirate Captain Costume <br>No.leg83265

7 pce
your price: $164.00

Booty Pirate Costumes No.leg53025

5 pce
your price: $87.00

Marauder Pirate Costume <br>No.leg83268

2 pce
your price: $76.00

Halloween Men's Pirate Costume <br>No.leg83290

5 pce
your price: $76.00

Captain's Pirate Costume <br>No.leg83351

3 pce
your price: $76.00

Pirate Captain's Mistress Costume <br>No.leg83227

1 pce
your price: $76.00

Luxurious Pirate Dress No.leg83226

3 pce
your price: $76.00

Pirates Mate Costume <br>No.leg83369

5 pce
your price: $65.00

Pirate Sword No.lega1510

1 pce
your price: $14.00

Halloween Pirate hat No.leg2023

1 pce
your price: $16.00

Halloween Pirate Hat No.leg2099

1 pce
your price: $20.00

Pillbox Pirate Hat No.lega1516

1 pce
your price: $18.00

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"Our thoughts
There is just something about a girl with an eye patch that is irresistible. The sexy pirate costumes have gained enormous notoriety since the pirates of the Caribbean movies starring Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrows. The Fantasy Fest in Florida is also a great place to flaunt your love of the roguish life of the infamous in the sexy pirate costumes. Browse through and find one to keep in your chest for special occasions.

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